Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Canterbury's Oyster Bar

Teddy Roosevelt's Oyster Bay was his home base. A world traveler and life- lover, his story is one of the most interesting of his era. We went there to be in touch with history, as we do.

Arriving hungry, we thought we would find a great place to eat. There were really just two options on a March midafternoon. Canterbury's is the one we chose.

It is a quaintly decorated place.

We had an oyster po boy and tuna sliders. They were good, decent food. The po boy was very substantial with a large helping of. Mashed sweet potatoes. The tuna sliders were dainty, and the accompanying "salad" was a thin slice of cucumber on each. Both tasted medium good, but seemed to come grime different kitchens.

If you are walking down Main St in Oyster Bay, this is a good place if it's on your side of the street.

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