Sunday, March 6, 2011

Waterzooi Bistro Garden City, Long Island

A Belgian Bistro. Not a concept in the front of one's mind is it? In fact, based on personal prejudice, I think of a derivative type of place. Maybe a clean, organized, efficient French restaurant? Or perhaps the Pulp Fiction scene discussing MacDo, fries and mayonnaise? Mai non, Mai non, Mai non!

It has a unique character, and a menu based on the traditional dish of the same name, a saucy, cream thickened, seafood pot. In the case of Waterzooi the pots are mussel based, PEIs to be exact, and they are imaginative and tempting.

The decor is interesting, warm and bistro-y. After the hyper French decode of NYC, this feels real, good.

Salad- chapeau! Simple and perfectly balanced, if over dressed. Horseradish cream, forme 'd Ambert bleau cheese, pickled cippolini onions and candied pecans. Simply good.

Mussels we selected to be prepared in the traditional way, white wine, butter, shallots, lemon. They were plentiful, delicious and hot. I love the sound of the shells in the pot as you dog out a big ladleful! As part of the $19 menu deal, these are too good to pass up. The Bistro burger was as good as you hope when you pay $16.

Well worth a stop if you are in the area.

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