Monday, March 28, 2011

The Greek Corner Coffee Shop Diner

At 6th Ave and 28th St, this diner drew us in, possibly due to its tattered blue awning and all inclusive name. We weren't expecting much, maybe a decent, quick meal, maybe a pleasant surprise. The place was packed, a good sign. In we went, got the normal NYC diner greeting- "Here or to go?", and contorted our way into our seats around a tiny table, inches from the one next to it.

The menu, as you would expect, includes everything, but the gyros and falafel. While we waited, place settings were plunked down. We don't normally inspect cutlery, but the smears of mayo or something less savory could not help but be noticed. For a minute I thought they were an amuse bouche. But they decorated all four pieces. I made a commitment to eat with my hands. The ketchup bottle too wore a gloppy coat of oozing red goo. It snagged our clothes before we wrangled it aside.

Thoughtfully, the food came, wrapped as you would expect it to be if to go. Good! Our hands were freshly washed, and served to stuff our pie holes. The gyro was tasty- full, well made and with a particularly good tzatziki.

Here we are, 10 hours later, no problems, but on balance, this is a place to avoid unless you have a strong stomach. But if you are here, and hungry, order something to eat with your hands.

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