Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sweet Water's Steakhouse

It was sleeting and snowing in Westfield, but inside Sweet Water we were warm and cozy. On Elm St, this small, old school kinda place enjoys warm wood floor and trim, but is not designed to look like a steakhouse, it IS one.

The bacon appetizer is indulgent, smoky and unguent. Full of flavor, a pair of big hunks of pork belly pan seared to perfection. We also had a crab cake app as an entree, which was the right portion. The crabcake was the best one this crabber has had here on the east coast. My filet was a beautiful piece of dry aged perfection, cooked properly. And the sides we delicious.

Service was just right for an unpretentious, straightforward local steakhouse.

If you want a decent meal of beef, drive out of your way to Sweet Water.

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