Friday, April 22, 2011

David Burke's Townhouse Eatin' Fine in Manhattan

In the East 50's there are some nice townhouses.  And a few nice places to eat.  David Burke has one, his Townhouse.  It is in a townhouse, so that makes sense for the neighborhood.  The reputation is powerful.  It is cuisine art.  Not so wild and scientific as Wily Dufresne.  But more recognizable and mainstream.
The bar is narrow and and cool.  We walked right past to the dining room, we meant business.  Ordering was not easy.  The menu is delightful everywhere you look.  Service is good, informal, friendly and helpful.  This is a place you feel comfortable, but be prepared to drop a bundle.  And they can mix a drink too.  I had a Manhattan, naturally.
The best part of the night was the rabbit.  We love the bunny, and at David Burke's Townhouse they know how to prepare it.  This well conceived trio had three tastes, each better than the other, culminating in a great rabbit confit.

When in Manhattan, and looking for a place to have a special meal, I would advise you to consider this place.  

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