Thursday, April 21, 2011

Morimoto- Ronin of Excellence

The samurai chef stands above the culinary world like a giant.  No one messes with the man who takes culinary excellence personally, and has unmatched knife skills.

We finally ate at Morimoto in Chelsea. One problem. We waited too long.

Service- efficient and professional. Dishes whisked away when empty and replaced within seconds. Informal, informed, incomparable.

Have you had a California roll? We thought we had too. Now we know. So sorry we will never enjoy one again till we return. Sake? I thought it harsh. Morimoto' favorite food sake is amazingly smooth, clean and refreshing. Pricey, and worth it.

We had fish, his strong suit, though most people opt for waigu beef. The fish was prepared beautifully and with a lot of thought about subtlety. One issue, we found the halibut slightly over cooked. We are very particular about this, as Mrs Exechobo is one of the finest fish cooks in the Northwest.

The decor is perfect- sound antenuation is built into the look of being inside a giant clam shell. Clever and functional. All is cream, concrete and glass, and modern. A gigantic 24"X24" hewn timber is incorporated, as is appropriate in a Japanese temple. The restrooms incorporate the famous super-toilets the Japanese favor.

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