Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fornino- Lunching in Brooklyn is for the Strong

When in hip Brooklyn, pack a lunch.  Cause most places are closed in the daytime.  Brooklyn people are too hip for midday eating.  After three tries we found a place that was open, Fornino, proving that Brooklyn is magic.

The window says it is a good place for pizza.  I know pizza, making and selling it off and on for 40 years now.  I decide what is good.

When we went in, the place is like stepping into a storybook.  A book that contains all the details of a concept I worked on back in the day.  Oven featured as the center of the show.  Plain, cool, simple.

The menu is constructed in a really smart way- tracing pizza through three generations, from the early traditions, through the explosion of popularity in the US, to the art that Fornino considers theirs.  The Art and Science of Pizza.  I like that.

Great crust, and gorgeous toppings, cooked perfectly in their wood oven, in a cool place.  This is the deal in Brooklyn.  It is close to Serious Pie in Seattle, but this is the east coast.  If you are east of the Mississippi, this is worth a stop.

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