Monday, April 18, 2011

SweetLeaf coffee joint

 At the foot of the Pulaski Bridge in Brooklyn is a cool place that takes coffee serious.  Of the third wave places, this one is one of the more weird, less serious, and better quality.  These guys are serious about one thing, the bean.
 Oh, and next door is a tiny, improbable bakery that turns out some really good, basic baked goods, all day, almost to order.  Bring your taste buds and brain to Brooklyn and give em a some exercise at Sweetleaf.
Whatever you do, get your coffee to stay, in a ceramic cup so you can taste it.  And if you must, take it in the back room, the laptop room, and spin some of the vinyl they have.  Rich, one of the owners is a great, devoted guy, and this combines two of his passions.

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