Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Liberty and WTC

Sunday we took a walk in a rainy city.  Being from the Great Northwest, a little liquid sunshine was not going to deter us from our mission- to see the World Trade Center Site and the Statue of Liberty.

We trekked through SOHO, one of the hippest neighborhoods in Manhattan, and felt the vibe.  We stopped for a little work in one of our client's stores, we looked at the Apple store that resembles a church.  We had pizza at Saluggi's.  It was a fun day, a mini adventure for the tourists we were.

We made our way to our objective late in the afternoon, as the rain and time of day built the gloom.  I had not thought much about the WTC, letting the feeling of the moment take me.  No longer a tourist, I understand how those who say they are New Yorkers feel.  Solidarity.  I have been to many monuments and memorials, and am always pensive and humbled- the cemeteries in Verdun, Normandy and Arlington.  The D-Day landing sites, the Vietnam Wall in DC, Dachau.  The WTC site wreaked the same emotional havoc in me.  Looking around the city at people just living, and imagining the horror of the attack and it's heinous shock...

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