Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blogpress Review

One of the prime functions of my smartphone is to blog. My old HP Ipaq with a Bluetooth keyboard, or software input was a tool I used to blog across France in 2004. I loaded photos from my camera's SD card and did an OK job.

Then I used a Blackberry and just emailed the posts. Photos were restricted to the weakass BB camera, but writing was easy.

When I converted to iPhone I had to be sure it would work at least as well. It does. The keyboard is as good as BB, the autocorrect is as good. The better camera is a key factor that makes it even more legit. Also, I can add multiple photos to an blog addressed email easily.

I downloaded Blogpress to see if that would work to overcome the one glaring issue, the inability to write posts offline without silly work-arounds.

It does that and more.

I can edit posts. I can write and save posts, I can pre- schedule their publication, or so it says, but I found this function not to work so well.

See how it works in the real world by following my blog at

- Paul/ BlogPress/ iPhone

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