Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Frenchy's at Clearwater Beach

Located on the beach, this is what Florida means to me. Frenchy's Rockaway Grill is big and fun, and most important, the food is good and the beer is cold (well, I assume it is, I had water).

Frenchy's reputation is based on fresh fish, that they claim comes in everyday, on their own boats, and is never frozen. Editorial comment- the idea of never frozen seafood is a truism that is seldom challenged. But in fact, freezing is one part of handling a catch that cab impact the quality, but not as much as say, bleeding a fish, or proper cleaning. And more than with almost anything else, time is the enemy of quality fish. So freezing on board, at some point, is preferable to fresh when the boat is a long way out. Not usually the case in the gulf though. So we accept, Frenchy's approach is best.

We ordered the famous Grouper sandwich, and it is as good as they say. Nothing very exotic. Bread that is perfect because it is almost etherial in it's softness. Good tartar sauce, good tomato, good lettuce and a slice of cheese. The fish is the star, in a crispy breading that is not too thick, and fried to perfection so it is moist inside. This is a great fish sandwich.

We also had cole slaw, very good. And beef vegetable soup, full of vege, house made, delicious. And the also famous she crab soup. Creamy and so tasty it will create a new craving for you. Don't miss it.

When in Tampa, find a Frenchy's and eat there. Do it.

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